Sunday, 19 October 2014

Health Talk – Omical Organic Milk Calcium Supplement

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I have always been a milk-lover until recent years when I started getting slightly lactose-intolerant (for no apparent reason). That could happen, according to my doctor, like any allergy. Since then, I started to cut down on my milk intake and decided to increase my calcium intake by taking milk calcium supplements. Well, calcium is a mineral that many of us adults are not getting sufficiently; even if you tell me you drink a glass of low-fat milk every morning.

Benefits of Calcium:
-       Healthy bones, teeth and gums
-       Blood pressure control
-       Proper blood clotting
-       Enzyme activation
-       Cholesterol regulation
-       Hormone function

So I searched high and low for the best form of milk calcium supplements and… That was when I found Omical, an organic milk calcium supplement, made from pure milk (which is the natural wholesome form of calcium that allows optimal absorption and low in lactose at the same time).

Most of the other calcium supplements that are made of calcium carbonate, lactate or gluconate are derived from sources such as crushed up rocks, shells and bones, which carry potential contamination with toxic substances like lead or mercury. Omical; developed from a natural food source, is free from steroids, antibiotics, hormones, as well as toxic metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic.

Omical contains all minerals that are natural from organic milk that ensures absorption. Only Vitamin D is added and so it is safe even for children.

I take 2 tablets a day, as suggested and each tablet contains 250mg of elemental calcium and perfect for absorption slowly into the bones! For those who have difficulty swallowing tablets, you may also crush the tablets for easier consumption.

Of course, I always recommend a well-balanced diet and regular workout as keys to leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping your health in check! Supplements, as I have mentioned in my previous posts, are as the names state, to make up for what your body lacks or cannot be attained from your daily meal intake. I choose Omical because of the natural and organic milk source, minus the fat I get in my regular milk-drinks.

Find out more about Omical! Each bottle of 60 tablets is retailing at $31.90 and available at Guardian, Unity, Watsons and independent pharmacies.

The great news for my readers today: Omical will be giving away 5 bottles to readers who are interested to try it out! All you need to do is answer this simple question in the comments section with your name and email address, OR, you may email me privately at if you are shy.

How is Omical different from other calcium supplements?

If you would like to try the samples, you can leave your details HERE and the sample will be sent to you!

Good luck on winning! Have fun everyone! Strong bones for all! J

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