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Beauty Talk – NIVEA Make Up Clear

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Working in the fitness industry, I have gotten used to leaving home bare-faced, with just sunscreen on. Therefore, I have always had a habit of removing my makeup first thing I get home because I can’t seem to feel at ease with makeup on. Not sure if you were also facing the same issue, I realized my makeup was always not fully removed even after double and triple cleansing! Even the most expensive makeup remover I had ever purchased could not solve this, so I ended up with clogged pores, acne and sometimes mild breakouts after.

I was privileged to be invited to attend the new product launch of the NIVEA Make Up Clear Range a few weeks ago and learnt a lot more about how to take care of my skin. Because #goodthingsmustshare, I’m going to share with you what I learnt from the experts!

NIVEA Make Up Clear product launch

I’m sure NIVEA doesn’t sound foreign at all, I grew up using NIVEA and recently wrote about the NIVEA Deodorant (click on the link if you have missed that) and I can’t say how much the brand has grown over the years and constantly improving effectiveness of the products, yet still superior in terms of care and mildness. Best of all, its widely available at affordable prices!

With gorgeous Evonne and Mongchin
The event was hosted at Top Deck, along Upper Thomson Road and it felt sooo good to be amongst so many gorgeous ladies all gathered to talk about beauty and skincare over yummy food and cakes! :P

We were each given a plush and a range of products, and of course some yummy refreshments before the presentation started.

Checking out the pretty demo booth at a corner of the café
Make up for us to play with and test out the NIVEA products

The presentation started shortly after and we learnt about how makeup can actually damage our skin and increase the tendency for clogged pores and therefore acne. Using too much make up can also make wrinkles more apparent. It is so important to remove makeup properly because the lack of proper makeup removal can cause premature skin ageing.

The Star Product, focus of this launch is the NIVEA Make Up Clear 3-in-1 Mud Cleanser, designed for light make up users, it can remove 10 types of makeup for 10x fairer*, water-like looking skin! (* 10x better whitening efficacy than vitamin C, based on in-vitro study of Pearl Whitening Complex by Beiersdorf AG Germany.).

The NIVEA Make Up Clear 3-in-1 Mud Cleanser provides 3 effects in 1 use!

1. Apply as Mud Mask to absorb makeup & unclog pores
2. At the touch of water, turns into Makeup Remover to remove 10 types of Makeup
    The 10 types of Make Up include:

  1. Make up base 
  2. Concealer 
  3. Foundation 
  4. Bronzer 
  5. Blusher 
  6. BB Cream 
  7. Powder 
  8. Brow Pencil 
  9. Tinted Moisturizer 
  10. Tinted Sunscreen

3. Cleanses as foam with whitening effect

For heavy makeup which includes waterproof and eye makeup, you may want to use the Make Up Clear Micellar Water & Make Up Clear Cleansing wipes for double cleansing to ensure all makeup are thoroughly removed. There is actually no need for unnecessary double or even triple cleansing if you do not have heavy makeup (times you include eye makeup) on.

So, the presentation ended with a fun demo by the NIVEA Girl, Xin Lin.

She started with applying layers of the usual light makeup (sunscreen, bb/cc cream), and added some concealer on her forearm.

After which, she first removed with the 3-in-1 Mud Cleanser and then ended off wiping using the Micellar Water to assure the audience that the makeup is fully off and skin is clearer and more radiant after cleansing.

The session then carried on with some mingling around, followed by the recording of our video appearance, which I was very shy about! :P

I tried the Micellar Water and then 3-in-1 Mud Cleanser as soon as I got home and love the clean feeling right after cleansing so I continued using it, and am still using it now – Micellar Water when I have eye makeup on and the 3-in-1 Mud Cleanser when I have light makeup or just tinted sunscreen on. On some days, I will switch between the 3-in-1 Foam Cleanser as well as the 3-in-1 Scrub. Having been on the products for 2-3 weeks, I’m still very much in love with the results considering that my skin is very thin and it has always been very sensitive to certain products.

I actually have both the Micellar Water and 3-in-1 Mud Cleanser (especially) in my huge gym bag almost everyday because it’s so convenient! The product range will be available in Watsons, Guardian and hypermarts in Singapore and I’m so glad that now, its not expensive to not only smell good but look clean and good! :D

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