Monday, 29 February 2016

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We use towels daily for shower, hands and on top of that, because J and I workout on a regular basis, we tend to use quite a lot of sports towel as well. Our sports towel collection is huge and I could always quickly throw out those I did not fancy using mainly because of the coarseness and weight of the towels. I was thrilled to receive my very first set of customized towels from Uchino! Best of all, they customized a set for J too!

Uchino – Redefining towels & bath time lifestyle

Uchino dedicates to create the world’s finest towels and towel wear with quality materials according to Uchino quality standard. and believes that quality towels should begin with the start of life.

Great emphasis has been placed on the manufacturing process, and the towels have acquired Oeko-Tex® Class 1 (for infants) Certification, the most stringent quality standard for the towel industry. This means that the items are pleasant to use and can be trusted even when coming into contact with babies’ mouths.

The sokkan series towels given to me are made of 100% cotton. What’s more, it is manufactured through Uchino’s patented technology for its quick dry + antibacterial effect. This aids in reducing the occurrence of unpleasant smell caused by indoor drying in Singapore’s humid weather. A good choice for people who does their laundry at night, isn’t it? Not only that, I love how Uchino towels are so soft to touch and its super lightweight makes it so easy for me to bring around to the gyms and out! Also, after one wash, there was no problem at all with the absorbency of water. This was also the first time getting towels with my name embroidered on so I really love it!

I even brought the sports towels with me to Perth and to the gym because they are so lightweight, compact and absorbent!

You may get Uchino towels from all the departmental stores in Singapore such as Takashimaya, Isetan, Tangs, etc. Follow them on facebook ( & Instagram ( to get constant updates on their promotions! :D

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