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Travel & Lifestyle Talk - Davao with Cebu Pacific Air Part 2

Back with part 2 of my Davao trip which I’ll be covering Day 3 and you may check out Day 2 over at Jason’s blog (!

Day 3

Well.. if you have been following me in my IG and Dayre, you would have noticed that I injured my foot on Day 2 so J stayed back on the third day to accompany me since I couldn’t join the rest of the group in Crocodile Park and Wild Water Adventure. That didn’t dampen our moods at all!

We headed down for breakfast early that morning and had a long chat with the Regional Director of the Philippine Department of Tourism (everyone calls him ‘RD’) as well as the Hotel Manager of Seda Abreeza Hotel. RD then offered to bring us out for lunch! So we headed down to the gym for a quick workout before meeting RD at the lobby.

The gym is small but equipped enough for us since we are so used to working out when we travel. 

Lunch at Balik Bukid

RD brought us to this restaurant called Balik Bukid, which means back to the farm. Everything that they serve are all organic, either from the farm or right outside the restaurant where they grow some simpler herbs and spices.

The other sides of the walls adjacent to the main entrance were filled with empty bottles and cement. According to RD, these are way sturdier that concrete walls and its also really pretty to allow natural sunlight into the restaurant during the day. J and I love this!

The whole restaurant is filled with bamboo, especially the roof and it cools the temperature of the restaurant down that its scorching hot on the street yet it feels like there is air-conditioning when we stepped into the restaurant.

These are some of my favourite dishes that we ordered. Everything is homemade and very yummy! We had homemade bread, home grown fresh vegetables that are sent to the restaurant every single morning, homemade and naturally coloured blue rice and homemade vanilla icecream! Yummms!

All thanks to this lovely couple who painstakingly started this restaurant, and RD, whom very kindly took time off to bring us here for lunch! :D

After lunch, RD brought us to the biggest church, San Pedro Cathedral in Davao. We said a little prayer at the side as there was a wedding matrimony going on there and left the church after purchasing a little souvenir just outside the church.

We headed back to the mall to grab some local snacks before heading to the hotel to rest and get ready for dinner.

Dinner at The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

We met up with the rest after their return from the water sports and headed for dinner with the PDOT team and the food there was superb and not too pricey to start with!

These are Uni shooters and TBH, it was my first try at uni and though I cant really appreciate the taste, the concept is really cute!

These are some of my favourites! Fish and chips, (I cant remember the name of the roll), duck confit and J’s very very huge portion of pork katsu. We ate and laughed too much that night! :P

The last item on the itinerary was the most relaxing of all.. we headed for a massage at Pressure points spa. I don’t even need to elaborate, we all slept well that night I’m sure! :D

Day 4

We started Day 4 slightly later and headed straight to the Aldevinco Shopping center to shop for local souvenirs and some of which we had given away! Check out @nuffnangsg at Dayre to check out what we gave away!☺

I truly enjoyed myself this trip albeit that injury I had on my foot and I’m so thankful for the PDOT team and everyone involved in this trip to make this trip so memorable! Thank you Nuffnang, Cebu Pacific Air, PDOT, the fellow influencers and bloggers for making this possible and I’m looking forward to the next trip! :D

Cebu Pacific Air flies from Singapore to Davao City at an affordable rate and air fares start as low as SGD182. Go ahead and make your booking here or call +65 315-80808!!

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  1. This blog is superb and I loved great food served in that restaurant. Well dear I am also a great fan of doing workout even during my travelling. I always take few pairs of work out leggings with me everywhere I go. This makes me comfortable during my yoga.