Monday, 13 January 2014

Travels - Guangzhou Part 2

Sorry for the hiatus! I'm back to continue with the Guangzhou trip!

Many have asked me how to keep fit and not go too overboard with the diet when I travel. Well, it really depends on your priorities. When I travel with Jason, we always look for a gym to go to, after the flights have been confirmed. So we either look for a local gym to go to (which we would always prefer) or we settle for a hotel that comes with a gym. This is one of the many reasons why I love traveling with Jason, because we have the same priorities and we know it.

Day 3 started with breakfast, followed by a quick gym session before we started walking down the streets again. Ashley joined us too!

Washed up and left the hotel for some street near Guangzhou Municipal Government Hospital, recommended by the staff at the hotel. Apparently she mentioned that we will be able to find some cheap sportswear there.
OOTD in Love, Bonito's dress, coat and shoes!
When we found that there isn't much sportswear to purchase, we started roaming around the residential and very local areas around the area. Such an eye-opener to see how these people are able to survive in such living conditions in the cold weather. They live on the streets, carrying their blankets around with them when they go about their daily businesses, and sleep on the stone-cold streets at night.
Chanced upon this local cafe where they sell their famous local 'Chang fen'.
Had some porridge. But we did not really fancy the 油條, Singapore seems to sell better ones!
Walked around so much that day I clocked 15,000 steps on my Nikefuelband! Us at Fashion Street just outside our hotel
This was SOOOOO good we went back on the last night but couldn't get to eat it for the last time. 花生糊!!
We will definitely have this again the next time we go over!
 Day 4 started with another quick workout session before we headed back to the town for a last meal.
The awesome Szechuan cuisine home cooked by Songjie! SUPER YUMMY!
We decided to have our portraits drawn on the last night!
I DONT KNOW WHY my head is drawn so much bigger than Jason's. zzzz
I have no idea what this is but we tasted yogurt and fruits. Substitute for the 花生糊 we couldn't get! Doesn't taste too bad.

So basically, this sums up our Guangzhou trip! I'll make sure I have my DSLR with me on my next trip! :X

Do check out for tips and articles on health, fitness and beauty! I'll be covering on our website on the next post! Till then!

Have a great week ahead everyone! 

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