Monday, 11 August 2014

Fitness & Travel Talk - 5 quick tips to keep fit on the go

One of the many joys of traveling with Jason is the very fact that we both love working out together and it is a must and a priority in our process of planning our itinerary. We make it a point to plan workouts in our trips as much as we can so we do not compromise on our workout routine even when we are not in Singapore. In conjunction with #TravelFit2014 and inspired by the "Hotel Hike" at the Aria Las Vegas, I have decided to share some quick tips on how you can keep fit while traveling.

P.S: Apologies for the poor quality of photos!

Taken last year at Golden Palm Tree Resort, Sepang.

1. Prioritise Fitness!
As mentioned before, you need to first put Fitness into your priority, as well as your travel partner. This way, the planning is in-sync and easier. Well, you don't have to get into a gym (if there is no gym in the hotel you are living temporarily in), you just need to find something to do together to keep the trip an active one. And this depends on where your destination is, of course. Besides going to the hotel gyms or local gyms, there is always rock climbing, trekking/hiking, yoga at the paddy fields, etc. When there is a will, there is a way!

We met Dorian Yates' son last year during our honeymoon!

2. Do your research!
Once you have Fitness into your priority, then the next thing you need is information. As you are planning your accommodation and travel route, find out whether the hotel has a gym, if not, is there a nearest local gym you can go to. Jason and I usually prefer to visit a local gym so we can soak into the local fitness culture but then again, do more research if there isn't an active culture to workout in the gym at your travel destination. Look for trekking or hiking locations and never give up (or email me for help if you need!).
Backdated to 2010 in Phuket when I first started to workout!

3. Bring enough workout attire!
This is actually my favourite part, because I learnt to love dressing up for my workouts over the years! I always make sure I have more than enough workout attire for my trips. That way, I will also feel like it'll be such a waste to bring them back without even using them. So pack your favourite workout attire into your luggages, or you can always shop for more workout attire when traveling! :P

Guangzhou 2013 - during our work&leisure trip!

4. Bring sufficient supplements
Supplements are very important in Jason and my lives because we take some essential ones to make up for those we cannot obtain in our meals daily. The common ones are multi-vitamins, fish oil and probiotics (for me). I understand not everyone takes sports supplement but if you do, like Jason and I, we always pack our daily protein intake when we travel and they usually take up a huge amount of space in our luggage. In a similar way, we try to stay active and workout when we can so we can finish up our supplements before we travel back home. :D
I get my supplements from now! Use 'LA3774' during checkout for an additional 5% off!
Taiwan earlier this year when we visited Jay Chou's gym, we included Edric in our workout routine!

5. Pack appropriate footwear
Whether you are intending to trek/hike or workout in the gym or go for yoga at the paddy fields, do remember to pack the appropriate footwear. In the safest scenario, always pack a pair of running shoes because it will come in handy for most activities indoor and outdoor (though it won't be the best pair for trekking/hiking, it will be sufficient).

The first gym at Fitness First last year when we first arrived at Hammersmith, London during our honeymoon!

Do feel free to hashtag #TravelFit2014 when you do workout/stay active while traveling! Whether it is on Instagram, twitter or Facebook, I hope to be able to motivate more to keep fit and stay active when traveling so join us in this movement! :D

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