Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Fitness Talk - Personal Training at Orchid (SGPT) Gym

As promised, I'm back with photos of the gym that I'm based at! The gym is cosy and exclusive to only personal training and our clients. Apart from the usual personal training sessions, clients are also invited to utilise the gym at your own time, outside of the scheduled personal training sessions. I love to train here myself, because I have the luxury of space and equipments. Enjoy as I bring you through to the different parts of the gym!

View from the entrance. There are more than 4 benches for you to choose from!
First smith machine, nearest to the entrance.

Plenty of mirrors for you to check your form out and well, selfies. :P
Boxing gloves for some action on fun training days.
2nd smith machine, which couples as a rack too.
Hanging knee/leg raises.
Multi-purpose machine which you can use for plenty of exercises (I will share bit by bit along the way).
Array of dumbbells for your use. 
Oh there is also a leg press machine and one of the benches can be used as a leg extension and leg curl for some isolated movements on your legs!

General locker area for your water bottles and miscellaneous.
Simple shower facilities, for clients who rush back to work after a lunchtime workout.
Changing room and exclusive shoe rack for our clients who leave their shoes there for convenience.

I will slowly introduce some of the workouts I do with my clients and for myself along the way so stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you happen to work around the area and looking for a quick lunch workout, feel free to give me a buzz at 9688 6802 and I will provide a FREE trial session for you! Bring your colleagues and friends down!

Have a fantastic weekend ahead everyone!

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