Monday, 7 July 2014

Travel Talk - Bali Day 1

Before this becomes outdated, let me bring you guys back to my trip to Bali, Seminyak early last month. We almost decided to forego this trip, because we couldnt get out of SG in April (which was when I intended the trip to be, as a birthday surprise for Jason) so we managed to squeeze some time out during the school holidays for a short getaway.

Bought the deal on one of the deal sites and we were extremely disappointed when we first stepped into the 'villa'. The exterior looked very pretty but the interior was rather horrible. We arrived late at night on the first day, only enough time for a night rest so we can start the day early (and get out of the villa). The staff were all very nice, warm and friendly though, which made the stay less unbearable.

Headed to Seminyak Square and walked around the area first thing in the morning after our breakfast. We found out that that area is actually a shopping paradise! Went from shop to shop, and bought our new flops for about 40% cheaper than SG. WHOOPP!

Then we headed to Seminyak Beach to chill the afternoon away before our reservation at Ku De Ta. The water was very clear, except that Seminyak Beach is not a white sand beach (made me miss the white sands at Pulau Perhentian). Bought a set of 2 benches and 2 HUGE coconuts after negotiating with the guy and settled down before we started out own photoshoot sesh. LOL.

Bikini from wherescinderella
Shades from Rayban

Okay, so I ran out of poses
I really don't know when I can get rid of those tan lines seriously !@#@$##@!
Love this series that Jason took so I'm bombing more! :P

Went in to the SUPER DARK toilet in Ku De Ta to change before we ordered food and snapped more photos while waiting. I have no idea how many mozzie bites I got when I was there. ZZZZ

Dress from Love, Bonito

My handsome boy!
Okay we were so hungry I only managed one shot and I forgot what the name of this pizza was. :D
Left Ku De Ta slightly before sunset to capture some romantic moments on our camera. We still couldn't believe we actually gave up our seats to an elderly couple. The restaurant was quickly filling up when we arrived and was filled up to the brim when we left.

After which we decided to kill time and eat at Coco Cafe because it was only about 7pm then. Coco Cafe at that hour feels like an elderly cafe because we were the only younger couple in the entire restaurant, to our horror. All the youngsters should all be having fun at Ku De Ta or Potato Head Club or some happening hangout just about to star the night, but we were about to end the night. LOL! We headed back to our villa after the meal at the "elderly" cafe. HAHA #whywesoold

Okay, day 1 wasn't very interesting I know, given our energy levels and absolutely-no interest to join in the fun at the clubs or drinks after hours. Day 2 will be slightly more interesting I promise! :P

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