Monday, 23 February 2015

Health, Fitness & Fashion Talk – Kickstarting your fitness journey

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Everybody (men & women) has different fitness goals and journey and through my years of training, I realized the first few issues that people question is “I don’t know where or how to start”. More than often, they sit on the issue, procrastinate, forget about it after awhile and then ended up becoming very unhealthy and gaining weight. Today, I will be doing a simple guide on how ladies (well, some points may appeal to men too) can kick start your fitness journey.

Before I start, I need everyone to understand that just by reading this won’t help you get started. You need to be able to convince yourself first that you need help, need to get healthier!

1. Set Realistic Goals
Forget about the SMART concept now (I will see if I can cover on this at a later date) and just close your eyes. Think about what kind of a person with what kind of physique do you think you can become. Considering these factors: hereditary bone structure and body frame. Write your goals down somewhere promiment, in your room door, wallet, on your room wall, wherever visible that you like. 

After which, find a photo/image of somebody’s physique that you will like to become. He/She can be anyone or anything. It can be in your phone wallpaper, chat wallpaper, or if you think you have more than one fitness inspiration, do up a fitness ‘moodboard’ and put it up on your bedroom wall!


2. Start a food log

If you don’t know where to start or how to start altering you diet, start a food log. Record every single food or water you put into your mouth. Be as specific as you can, stating the time and meal. I have provided a link here for you to download the spreadsheet if you want. You may edit and do up your personal one too. Get into a habit of recording and trust me, you will start to find out more about your body and its dietary needs and habits, what and how your body reacts to different food. It’s also a good idea to discover your allergies if you suspect you have any. Keep doing it and you will want to find out more and alter your diet accordingly to maintain health and keeping it lean.

"Failing to plan, is planning to FAIL!"

3. Get a personal trainer for help

You have started planning your goals and recording your diet for a month or so, but you cant seem to kickstart working out because you don’t know when, where or how to start. There you go, get help! It’s pretty trending to get personal trainers nowadays. I see the gym getting more and more crowded day by day, especially during the peak hours, with personal trainers and their clients.

Having train clients for a few years now, I can safely tell you that you do not need to rely on a personal trainer for life. All you need is to get help to set your basics right, after as long or short as you need; you are good to be on your own. This will help to ensure that you are doing everything correctly or as safely as you can to reduce risk of injury in and out of the gym. UNLESS, of course, you need a lifetime of motivation and push from your trainer, or that you have an old/receovered injury and you need a lifetime of guidance through your workouts, OR, unless you have too much money to spend.

"You wanna train smart, not just hard!" 

4. Get comfortable workout gear

Not so much of a guys’ thing but come on, who doesn’t want to look good all the time. Looking and feeling good in what you wear is important because it provides as an additional motivational and confidence boost when somebody tells you that you look good in what you wear. But of course, there is no need for you to get all the expensive workout gear just to prove that you are a ‘legit’ gym goer.

After having spent so much money on workout gear, approached me to do some advertorials and I subsequently became their model too. I would say the quality of the clothes have improved so much over the last few months and I’m proud to be the model! Even my clients buy from Vivreactivewear!

I’m in workout gear all day everyday because that is my work attire so I get super particular about the quality when it comes to buying them. I get so fussy its annoying sometimes! :P I never like them too tight (not the top), don’t like the material too thin, padding quality is important, need to be able to perspire in them, etc. Sylvia (founder of Vivre) constantly searches for better quality and designs to make sure that us ladies have good quality workout gear to workout/do yoga in!

Here are some of my favourite pieces which I really love very much!

I really love the fact that Vivre offers that more-affordable option for ladies, without compromising on the quality! On top of that, you get a 10% off minimum of $50 spent by quoting ‘Limaran’ at checkout.

"SUCCESS doesn’t happen overnight. Keep our eyes on the prize and don’t EVER look back!"  

Feel free to email me if you have any burning question or require personal training. Happy shopping at and I hope this helps to clear some doubts in your head and get you started on your llifelong fitness journey!

Keep searching and learning, and never ever stop!

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