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Beauty Talk – Dermagold skincare range just for me

I have always had sensitive skin since I started getting my own skincare products and going for facials. I found out that I actually have very sensitive skin when I started getting hives too often during facial and aesthetic treatments. My skin also reacts to certain skincare brands and their products pretty quickly and I have a bad habit of buying a whole range of products because I wanted them to look uniform and for the fear that different brands used together may have negative effects.

So last year, I found the perfect skincare range for my skin and they have been working superb for me! The main reasons why I love how Dermagold products are really good for my skins:
- no more breakouts just before time-of-the-month
- acnes/pimples are settled without having to squeeze them out
- products are super gentle to my skin
- my skin cleared up immediately after the first week of usage


Have I mentioned the founders of Dermagold are 2 beautiful doctors, Grace and Luping, driven by their search for the perfect skin solution and bolstered by their medical backgrounds. They believe that skincare is personal and so their products have been specifically crafted to manage Asian skin types and are suited for the humid, tropical climate of Singapore.

My very own concoction – Dermagold

This is my main skincare range. I only used my own toner but the rest are: (from left to right)
- Botanical Gel (link to blog post of Botanical Gel)
- HA Booster
- Radiance Cleansing Milk
- Sheer sunscreen
- Miracle C+ (link to blog post of Miracle C+)
- Hydra Recovery Gel

So, after cleansing with the Radiance Cleansing Milk daily, I use my own toner before reaching for the Miracle C+. After which I use my own eye cream and then go on to Botanical Gel (if I have any problematic spots), to HA Booster and Sheer Sunscreen (for daytime usage) and straight after Botanical Gel to the Hydra Recovery Gel at night.

Radiance Cleansing Milk

I was recommended the Radiance Cleansing Milk because of my sensitive skin. This cleansing milk is gentle to the skin and contains sea buckthorn, which is a power house of nutrients with multiple uses due to its protein building amino acids. Vitamins B1, B2, K, C, A, E and folic acid, over 60 antioxidants, healthy fatty acids, etc.

Miracle C+

Still one of my favourites, you may find out more about the Miracle C+ here!

Botanical Gel

The other favourite and can’t-live-without would be the Botanical Gel and this works like a miracle so find out more about what the Botanical Gel does for me here.

Hydra Recovery Gel

The Hydra Recovery gel was first introduced to me when we brought it along with us to our trip to Seoul last November. I have combination skin and it’s usually dry on the outside. The dryness tend to worsen whenever I get to a colder, dryer climate. The last trip to London got my skin cracking up every single day and I could not leave the hotels without my moisturizer in my bag and I reapplied it every hour. During our Seoul trip, J and I used it day and night and miraculously, I did not even need to reapply even though Seoul was much colder and dryer than London! There is aloe vera gel and aqua (water) among other ingredients which hydrates and calms dry, inflamed, scalded and sunburnt skin! I now use the Hydra Recovery gel only at night or after a long day under the scorching sun.

HA Booster

The HA Booster is 100% pure Hyaluronic acid which will boost skin hydration and suitable for all skin types, especially skins showing signs of aging. I love the effect of the HA Booster because the texture feels very light and watery-like yet my skin is hydrated with just one pump every morning! I never leave home without the HA Booster too!

Sheer Sun Protector

I have been on a lookout for suitable sunscreen for my skin and stopped my search ever since I started using the Sheer Sun Protector. It looks creamy because of its colour and but the texture feels otherwise. It is light on my sensitive skin and doesn’t whiten my skin like some other sunscreen I had used before. There is no ‘sunscreen fragrance’ and provides my skin with a protective layer from the harmful UV rays. I never leave home without the Sheer Sun Protector too!

Dermagold has launched their online store and it's super convenient to purchase my skincare products now! Head down to to have purchase yours! :)

I'll also be doing a giveaway on one of the Dermagold products on my IG (@limaranagustina) so do look out for it and stand a chance to win one of the items from my concoction! Have fun and all the best! :D

Feel free to email me if you have any enquiries about the products! Or you may also drop by at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique to try the products too.

Hadara Aesthetics Boutique 
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Singapore 049035 

Contact number: 6969 3022 
Opening hours: 
Mon-Fri: 10am to 8pm 
Sat: 10am to 2pm 
Closed on Sun and PH 

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